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I was born on August 23rd, 1991 in Pasadena, California. Directly after a huge earthquake and the LA riots, my parents, sister, and I all ended up on the island of Maui in the state of Hawaii.

Art began as an enjoyable hobby for me. I remember having quick sketch battles with some other kids in Elementary and Middle school. At that time, sports (basketball / soccer) were huge inspirations for my future, though once I made it to Junior year of high school, I realized that becoming an artist would be the purest direction to lead my life towards.

After my 2009 graduation from King Kekaulike high school on Maui, I decided to cruise up to Cali to live with my older half-brother and to finally venture towards my life as an adult. I entered Orange Coast College with the thought of just becoming some sort of marketing major that can sell the art that I was creating at the time. I remember taking a screen printing class during that first semester. That class completely pushed me into the zone of progressing as a true artist. By June 2012, I received my AA from OCC and transferred to Cal Poly Pomona.

As a fine arts transfer student, I was told that I would be part of the last transfer group that Cal Poly Pomona would be accepting for the fine arts department. We were the finale. This fact almost left me feeling lost and wasting my time.. Positively though, I made sure to truly delve deep into pool of creative energy and was truly inspired by my group of fine arts teachers. I literally consider four of my teachers as my guides and inspiring muses to learn from and to follow.

Before my 2015 graduation, I ended up having an intense seizure at work which led me to the hospital. I had an MRI which found some sort of golf-ball-sized mass on my temporal lobe- The lobe of the cerebral hemisphere located down on the side, just forward of the occipital lobe (Contains the auditory cortex which is responsible for hearing. It is also the site of the seizure activity characteristic of temporal-lobe epilepsy). After three MRIs, the doctors still could not understand if the mass was a tumor or something completely harmless. Either way, after the surgery it was found that the mass was not a tumor but it is still unknown how the mass was born.. Either way, my graduation was month after my surgery. Also, I felt as though the entire experience has led my efforts and determination into truly becoming my dream species: an artist.



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